How to use Granulox®

Simple and fast application

With Granulox® there is no need to alter your wound care. Granulox® is sprayed on as a thin film before the dressing is applied - and that's all that's different.

Handling the spray can is easy as can be. The fine gentle mist of the Granulox® spray can be aimed precisely - without having to touch the wound and without any burning sensation. The wound must be cleaned and covered just as before - by a qualified wound care specialist.

Step by step application

1. Clean the wound

  • Clean and rinse the wound.
  • Check that there is NO INFECTION.

2. Spray on Granulox®

  • Remove cover cap.
  • With the nozzle about 5 - 10cm away from the skin point it towards the wound.
  • Spray until the wound is evenly covered by a thin film.
  • Usually 1-2 seconds is sufficient.

3. Cover the wound

  • Cover he wound with a semi-permeable (letting oxygen through) dressing.
  • Most modern dressings allow for oxygen to penetrate through the dressing. Please refer to the dressing packaging.

UK working group tips

Clinical experience from the UK Working Group Consensus highlighted some useful tips for Granulox® use [1].

  • Rinse the nozzle with warm water or saline directly after use to prevent the nozzle from becoming blocked.
  • Inform patients of the red appearance of the product in advance of use.
  • Take appropriate action to avoid staining of clothes, using appropriate secondary dressing to prevent strikethrough and leakage.
  • Exudate levels should be managed prior to application of the product - high exudate levels may flush the product out of the wound bed, with the potential to lose some of its beneficial oxygen-giving properties.
  • Cleanse the wound at each dressing change to reassess the wound.
  • Debride the wound as appropriate.
  • The recommendation for optimal use of Granulox® was to reapply at every dressing change, with a maximum wear time of 3 days.

[1] The Diabetic Foot Journal, 2015, Vol 18, No 3, pages 142-146: "Appropriate use of topical haemoglobin in chronic wound management: consensus recommendations". Paul Chadwick et al: download here.

Storage instructions

Granulox® should be stored in the fridge [between 3 °C to 8 °C], or kept at room temperature (RT) which is up to a maximum of 25 °C, outside the fridge during use for a maximum of 6 weeks. Given that RT is South Africa will likely exceed the maximum of 25 °C it is strongly recommended that the Granulox® be returned to the fridge as soon as the dressing of the individual patient has been completed; otherwise the efficacy of the haemoglobin in Granulox® may be lost.

Granulox® topical haemoglobin application protocol

Granulox® spraying instructions and user guidance

Granulox® instruction card and package insert

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