Granulox® combats hypoxia, speeding wound healing

reDermis® is the exclusive distributor of Granulox® in South Africa, a patented CE Certified Class III medical device in the EU. It has been on the market in South Africa since April 2015, and is a novel topical treatment that speeds healing in slow-healing wounds such as; foot ulcers; leg ulcers; pressure sores; and, post-surgical wounds.

The active ingredient is pure haemoglobin.

Pure haemoglobin acts as an oxygen transporter from the surrounding air to improve oxygen availability in the wound-bed; and thus aids wound healing. Granulox® is an affordable healthcare solution that can be used to optimise the wound environment in slow or non-healing wounds that have not responded to standard care; and, that reduces the costs of managing an overall episode. Granulox® is only available to reDermis® qualified healthcare professionals, and is not available to the general public.

Wound healing is supported by spraying a small amount of Granulox® onto a wound before application of standard (breathable) dressings. In a randomised controlled trial of slow healing leg ulcers, wounds were reduced in size by more than half when Granulox® was added to standard care, while patients on standard care alone had no significant improvement. Pain was also reduced with Granulox®, with 61% lower mean pain scores. A different 6-month study showed that more than 93% of patients with chronic lower leg and foot ulcers achieved wound healing within 6 months after often having suffered with chronic wounds for months or years.

How Granulox® works

A major problem with chronic wounds is the need for a greater amount of oxygen in order to achieve rapid and successful healing.

The need for oxygen in wounds is particularly high due to very high metabolic activity in the healing phase. Wound healing occurs through cell division at the edges and at the bottom of injuries, and for this, the cells need oxygen to proliferate. However, the oxygen supply to the tissue through the vascular system is often insufficient due to the presence of any primary underlying disease suffered by the patient (e.g. diabetes).

The supply of oxygen from the outside of a wound is typically insufficient as the wound exudates generate a barrier which blocks the exchange of oxygen, thus, oxygen is unable to penetrate the swab due to its low water solubility and this compromises the diffusivity of oxygen in the base of the wounds. This causes the base of the wound to lack enough oxygen, and the wound develops hypoxia.

Granulox® hemoglobin is used in order to improve the oxygen supply to chronic wounds.

Hemoglobin, which is soluble in water, is distributed evenly in the wound exudates by the spray. Hemoglobin, a natural oxygen transporter, binds oxygen in the wound outside and carries the same to the base of the wound.

With the application of Granulox®, the healing cycle is maintained throughout treatment. Granulox® penetrates the diffusion barrier and acts similarly to a pump, carrying oxygen to the base of the wound from the surrounding air.

By applying Granulox® oxygen supply to the cells is increased, hypoxia decreased, and the cells receive oxygen, accelerating wound healing. Granulox® can successfully heal chronic wounds of long standing due to activation of the process of oxygenation in the wound; and, with no side effects.

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